The Survey is Here!

The surveys have been mailed out!

You should have seen yours in the mail already!

If you haven’t received this already you should be asking about it. There were some areas that did not receive the survey yet. The new deadline to have your voice heard and survey submitted is August 18th. Please submit yours by then.



2 thoughts on “The Survey is Here!

    • Hello M.R.

      I am sorry to hear that you didn’t receive a survey, every voice counts and we want to make sure we get as many voices of the community as possible. We actually did receive results, at the Unincorporated Services Meeting, from the survey and the results are in favor of a Eden Area MAC covering all 4 communities. There were difficulties with the survey put on by the planning dept. and it’s distribution. The active members of this group are working towards a initiative to correct and organize the zip codes of Cherryland, Ashland, parts of San Lorenzo and Hayward Acres according to their actual community and physical geography, We could use all the support available if you are interested. We are having a meeting this Nov 20th @5:30pm at the Ashland Community Center off of east 14th.
      Hope to see you there,



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