Vote Yes on #5!

Vote Yes on #5!!!

We have a definite need for a SINGLE UNIFIED MAC!

This will give the community a unified voice that is large enough to make a difference! approx~70,0000  people in the Eden Area’s of San Lorenzo, Cherryland, Ashland, and Hayward Acres together.


4 thoughts on “Vote Yes on #5!

  1. I like the concept of a MAC; I don’t know that we can afford the projected costs. All volunteer makes more sense to me. I also don’t feel we have been given any background or input with Mr Soto et al on the formation and real goals of this group. Feel free to contact me personally or elucidate all of us.


    • Hello Charles,

      I appreciate both you reaching out and also that you like the idea of a MAC.

      As far as costs go, the estimated costs to the county were approximately $20,000 a year, which would come out of existing budgets. I believe there are plans for replacing the Unincorporated Services Meeting and possibly others for the community MAC meetings which could lead to county savings or at least no increases.

      I am sorry that you feel you haven’t been given enough information, we have bi monthly meetings at the Ashland Community Center (1530 167th Ave, San Leandro, CA 94578) and you are more than welcome to join. Also there has been a great deal of outreach to the community via door knocking, flyers posted, lawn signs, 3 town halls, and some household callings, Eden Night Live and other community events. I personally have to pay for this website and maintain it so I do apologize for it not being updated and as thorough as it should be. For more current information you can check out EdenAreaMAC @ Facebook.

      The group overall wants to improve the channels of communication from community to the county. We want greater and local representation so that we can together as a community better decide what we need and want for ourselves. Through strong and respectful partnerships with county agencies and engaging and developing leaders from as much of the community as possible we can improve safety, economic development, housing and education in the area. Fore more specific goals you should come to the meetings, those are being hashed out real time with any and all who come to the meetings, this is always meant to be an open forum for real democracy and that is why the MAC’s success is dependent on the community’s involvement. The MAC members will be appointed and they are volunteers so I think we can agree that they satisfy both the grassroots volunteerism and minimal cost increase items, but what is better than just volunteer work is with a MAC, California law states that the meetings are mandated to be documented therefore they bear real weight in holding officials accountable. It gives the community more bite. There are many interesting points to learn about a MAC and I think you seem like you’d enjoy our meetings, you should definitely come out, we’d love to have your input.



    • Hello Charles,

      We did receive the results at the October Unincorporated Services Meeting, and the results are in favor of a Eden Area MAC covering all 4 communities. There were difficulties with the survey put on by the planning dept. and it’s distribution. The active members of this group are working towards a initiative to correct and organize the zip codes of Cherryland, Ashland, parts of San Lorenzo and Hayward Acres according to their actual community and physical geography, We could use all the support available if you are interested. We are having a meeting this Nov 20th @5:30pm at the Ashland Community Center off of east 14th.
      Hope to see you there,



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