Unincorporated Services Meeting!

Come Support the Eden Area Municipal Advisory Council!

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The Alameda County Board of Supervisors’ Unincorporated Services Committee will discuss the formation of the Eden MAC at its monthly meeting this Wednesday, September 26th at 6:30 PM in the San Lorenzo Library. The meeting will discuss recommendations to Supervisors Chan and Miley as well as some additional concepts provided by the Supervisors. This meeting is for informational purposes only and no decisions will be made at this time.

Thank you!



Eden MAC Ad-Hoc Committee

At the October 2017 Unincorporated Services Meeting  Supervisor’s Chan and Miley committed to begin the process to create a municipal advisory council (MAC) for the communities of Ashland, Cherryland, San Lorenzo and Hayward Acres. The process will begin in earnest via the Ad-Hoc Committee whose members will be appointed by the unincorporated area supervisors. Four appointees from the District 3 office and three from District 4’s office. The charge of the Ad-Hoc committee is somewhat unclear at this stage but reasonable assumptions can be made that the clarifications of land and planning use along with the purview of the MAC to hear varying issues will be explored. How often and where the MAC will hold its public meetings could also be on the table for exploration. The Ad-Hoc Committee is set to begin meetings sometime in early February 2018.



Vota Si en 5

Tenemos una necesidad definitiva de un único MAC UNIFICADO!

¡Esto le dará a la comunidad una voz unificada que es lo suficientemente grande como para marcar la diferencia! Aproximadamente ~ 70.0000 personas en el Área del Edén de San Lorenzo, Cherryland, Ashland, y Hayward Acres juntos.




這將給社區一個統一的聲音,足夠大,有所作為! 約有70,0000人在伊甸園區的聖洛倫索,謝里蘭,亞甚蘭和海沃德英畝在一起。



Vote Yes on #5!

Vote Yes on #5!!!

We have a definite need for a SINGLE UNIFIED MAC!

This will give the community a unified voice that is large enough to make a difference! approx~70,0000  people in the Eden Area’s of San Lorenzo, Cherryland, Ashland, and Hayward Acres together.


The Survey is Here!

The surveys have been mailed out!

You should have seen yours in the mail already!

If you haven’t received this already you should be asking about it. There were some areas that did not receive the survey yet. The new deadline to have your voice heard and survey submitted is August 18th. Please submit yours by then.



Spanish Town Hall

Tonight’s Town Hall for the Spanish speaking residents of the Eden Area was a great success!  We had a full house and the message was well received. We are building and uniting the community around what really matters to us, and that is public safety, cleaner neighborhoods, better schools and roads, more parks, and more places to shop and entertain ourselves. This community cares!